Central High School Echoes, Phoenix, Arizona

Central High School Echoes (Phoenix, Arizona)

At the start of the 1970-71 school year, I was a reporter for the Central High School Echoes in Phoenix, Arizona. Later, I became the editor of the opinion page and then the editor-in-chief. I saved copies of all of our issues from 1970-71 and 1971-72 and in July 2015 I scanned them into PDFs. I have a few other issues from earlier and later that I also scanned.

If newspapers are the "first draft of history," as is sometimes said, then these issues provide a unique view into Phoenix, Arizonan, and American history circa 1970.

Sample Images


Smaller Crowds

Only a few diehards remain at the onetime smokers' haven, the Brophy wall. One can only guess at the cause of its demise; perhaps the smoke got a little too thick. (March 19, 1971)

Jeremy Butler's pants


Sometimes political, sometimes just silly, but always colorful, and in greater profusion lately, are patches—typified by above. The proud possessor of the pants (?) in this picture is not, as it has been rumored, Neil Young, but in reality is Jeremy Butler. (May 28, 1971)


Christmas Tank on the Front Page

...in protest of military recruiters coming to campus. (December 17, 1971)

PUHS computer

Report-Card Computer

Last semester, the Phoenix Union High School district switched from their old, separate report card forms to the new computerized, consolidated report card forms. Mr. Ray Wisnewski, of the PUHS District director of the Data Processing Center, said, "In two years, we will look back on this as the best thing to come along, the best thing that we have done. However, the system is not without its faults." (February 18, 1972)


David Harris

Anti-war activist David Harris discusses the war in lndo-China with Central American Government students. Harris, in placing says blame for the war, said "If you go out and aks people if they want to burn children, nobody says yes, but you don't have to say yes, you have to say no." (March 17, 1972)


Yearbook Editors

Have you noticed remarkable changes in the registration ladies recently? In reality the figures pictures above are seniors, Amy Lindblom, left, and Susan Scott, doing their Easter thing. After seeing these strange birds, perhaps fewer complaints will be heard about getting return slips the regular way. Photo by Murray Hackett. (April 14, 1972)

Comments: Jeremy G. Butler, Central High Bobcat, class of 1972. Contact: jgbutler@gmail.com .