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Marriage to Marysia (April 5, 2003)
Ian, the Son
Flipper, The Cat -- the late, great Flip
The Official Jeremy Butler Professional Web Page
Holiday Cards:
2015 (PDF)
2014 (PDF)
2013 (PDF)
2012 (PDF)
2011 (PDF)
2010 (PDF)
2009 (PDF)
2008 (PDF)
2007 (PDF)
2006 (PDF)
2005 (PDF)
2001 (PDF)
2000: Tuscaloosa: It's Unique (A Holiday Adventure)

Genealogical Materials

Family Stories: Butler, Goar, Wells, White
A Butler Family Coat of Arms
White-Wells Family Documents
Butler, Gore, Wells and White Genealogy
Butler Patrilineal Line: Jeremy Gaylord Butler (1954-) to Roger DeAlbini (1040-1084)

My Summer "Vacation" 1999--Dallas, Tucson, The University of Arizona, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame The Postmodern America Tour (Summer 1989)
Spring Break 2002: Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama

Archival Material: Central High School and Madison Rose Lane Elementary School

Videos, 1970-1971

Footage shot at Central High School, Phoenix, Arizona, December 1970 - November 1971. Includes Sharman Apt, Dewey Brown, Mark Mignella, Dennis Mitchum, Mike Neils, Gloria Price, Suzanne Rabe, Andy Schefman, and me -- in short, Central's counter-cultural community. Silent, from an 8mm original.

And there are two more parts on YouTube!

Central High School Echoes (Newspaper)

Madison Rose Lane Firebird (Newspaper)

Dream Home I Virtual Tour
Around, and around you go!
Dream Home For Two
Jeremy and Marysia buy a house together!
Dream Home II Renovation: Virtual Tours
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Dream Home II: The Day After Hurricane Katrina (30 August 2005):

Hurricane Katrina's route
Katrina route

Tuscaloosa Tornado - April 27, 2011

Panorama of Forest Lake Destruction (click image to enlarge as a still image; click here to view moving panorama)
Forest Lake panorma

Jeremy's Books

Radio and Music

Election 2004 Summary
Dubya Sux
Election 2008, 2012 Summaries
Obama roolz!

Minecraft Tutorials: Created by Jeremy and His Son, Ian

Jeremy-Generated Web Sites & Internet Projects

  1. The Celiac's Progress - a recalcitrant celiac sets out on a perilous journey in search of a gluten-free existence. First post: August 11, 2014.
  2. - Television Style companion site.
  3. - Television: Critical Methods and Applications textbook companion site.
  4. Shot Logger - a gallery of frame captures (individual frames from films and TV programs) and a database of editing statistics. First data gathered: August 7, 2007.
  5. ScreenLex: A Pronunciation Guide for Film & TV Studies
  6. Screenpedia - a screen studies wiki
  7. ScreenSite - a directory of resources for film/TV studies. Established 1994.
  8. Screen-L - an email discussion group for film/TV studies. Established Fri, 15 Mar 1991 19:42:11 CST.
  9. ScreenTags - an archive for film/TV hashtags culled from Twitter.
  10. The Internet Folk Radio List - deprecated
  11. Cripes! A Humor 'Zine
  12. "All Things Acoustic" radio program & Webcast
  13. FilmAlert
  14. Crappy Software blog - rants about all the crappy software out there
  15. paperjoy - my sister, Lydia's stationery store
  16. Yappy Face - my sister, Starin's dog treats company
  17. Red Rover, Inc. - my sister, Starin's educational correlations company
  18. Tuscaloosa Contra Dancers - deprecated
  19. "Search All" Module (for PHP-Nuke)
  20. 'Course, I got a Facebook account, too.
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  21. And let's not forget Twitter.
Vain, innit?

The late Flip, the catThe late Flip, the catThe late Flip, the cat

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